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Joe Somebody

Joe Sheffer is a regular guy, not to say that he’s a looser. He’s been working for the same company for ages, been promised a promotion but never got one, and to top it all he’s gotten a divorce. The only light in his life is his little daughter who he loves with all his heart. When he takes his daughter along to his company one day, he gets slapped in the face by a local bully at work. Getting embarrassed in front of his daughter is a bit too much for him and he returns home.

A couple of days later he still hasn’t returned to work so the CEO of the company sends out xxxxxxx who has to check up on Joe. She finds him completely trashed and when she asks him what he wants he starts to completely crack down. Another couple of days later she returns to find him completely back in order again and he tells her he knows what he wants: to kick the bully’s ass! From that moment on when word starts to spread, things start to become really pleasant for Joe. He gets invited to the private sports club, to attend parties and he even gets promoted to Director of Internal Communications. Meanwhile he’s hired an ex moviestar to help him learn martial arts which should make it possible for him to beat the bully. But when the fight comes nearer he notices that the people he really loves and cherishes are getting separated from him so he’ll have to make the choice between doing the fight and kicking the bully’s ass or step away and make his loved ones proud of him.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality could use some upgrading. Aliasing and anti-alisiasing artefacts are often present aswell as some edge enhancement and some minor damage.

The sound fortunately is decent compared to the image. Although the surround channels are hardly used as the movie hardly has any special effects, the dialogues are nicely centered while the other speakers come into action very subtle to give some atmosphere.

Audio commentary by the director and the producer, deleted scenes and a short feature about the sparring between Jim Belushi and Tim Allen is all we get. This could have been a bit more.

The idea behind Joe Somebody has a lot of potential. Unfortunately we don’t get to see any of it. Also the image is of such poor quality that I wouldn’t recommend this dvd to anyone.

Our Score:

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