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John Carter

John Carter is a civil war veteran who’s had it with people and is only interested in himself and finding gold. When the Army “asks” him to join, he “kindly” refuses and as a result gets locked up in jail.

He manages to escape but gets chased by the military until they encounter a bunch of hostile Indians. Carter seeks refuge in a nearby cave, but suddenly gets attacked by a strange man holding a medallion. Carter manages to kill him, but when he touches the medallion, he suddenly finds himself in a totally different space where he can leap incredibly far and seems to have super strength.

He gets captured by strange aliens and finds out he’s on Mars where a war between two civilizations is about to start…

Sound and Vision:
There are close-ups which provide a high level of detail but overall, the Blu-ray doesn’t show us the level of detail we’ve gotten used to from recent releases. It’s not that things look blurry, but we’ve seen sharper images. Other than that there’s one instance of minor aliasing present. For the rest we get vivid colors, a constantly natural flesh tone for John Carter and deep black levels. Not bad, but not as impressive as it could have been.

The sound is truly impressive and the 7.1 DTS-HD track really shines with crystal clear dialogues, excellent use of the surrounds for effects and music, and a good portion of bass coming from the subwoofer. If there’s one minor point of criticism on the sound, it’s that we would have expected the subwoofer to give a bit more punch, but as it is, it isn’t bad at all.

– Audio commentary
– 100 Years in the Making
– 360 Degrees of John Carter
– Barsoom Bloopers
– Deleted Scenes

A couple of rather standard extras, but the feature about writer Edgar Rice Burroughs is quite interesting.

John Carter was originally set up by Disney as a trilogy but this first movie has received quite the amount of negative criticism, making the creation of further movies a big question mark.

Having seen the movie for myself now, I found it lacking a bit the epic feel of for instance Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Not at all even. John Carter is a fun adventure movie with quite some interesting characters and a storyline that might not be the most original in the world, but definitely manages to entertain.

The movie goes on for over 2 hours which is a bit long and certain scenes clearly feel as if they go on for too long unnecessarily, but on the other hand there are plenty of scenes that are truly a joy to watch. The big fight where Carter takes on an entire army for instance is one of those.

In the end, John Carter may not have become the action blockbuster people had hoped for (explaining a bit the negative voices in the world) but it certainly isn’t bad and if Disney does decide to continue with the trilogy, I’ll be happy to check it out.

As it stands now, John Carter as a single movie is fun to watch though.

Our Score:

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