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Johnny Dangerously

Johnny Dangerously sees Johnny Kelly transform himself from a nice kid on the block to Johnny Dangerously, the notorious gangster, to make sure there’s enough money on the table to help his old and sick mother who has done nothing but work for her kids. When Johnny becomes the head of the local mobsters and makes peace with his competitors, his worst enemy appears: his brother becomes the district attourney who doesn’t want to know about bribes. Johnny will have to choose between his life as a mobster or to get back straight.

Sound and Vision:
The movie was released in 1984 and the image quality shows it. There’s quite some grain present, a lot of film spots, and the level of detail isn’t always up to par with current standards. Also the colors are quite pale aswell. Still, overall it’s not all that bad as there’s hardly any compression errors and shadow detail is reasonable.

The 2.0 sound does what it needs to do but the track sounds a bit high and thus doesn’t always sound realistic.


It’s clear that comedy in the 80s was different from now. While this may have been a good movie to laugh with back then, it’s way overdue now. Still, kids might enjoy this still.

Our Score:

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