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Johnny English Reborn

After completely having failed his last mission, bumbling MI7 agent Johnny English retires to a monastery in Tibet where he hopes to find his inner chakra so he can return to duty at full force.

Ordered back to MI7 – now owned by Toshiba – because a former CIA agent has intel on an upcoming assassination, English and his new sidekick, Agent Tucker, find out there’s a secret organisation called Vortex who are out to kill the Chinese premier. Desperate to regain his status and make up for previous mistakes, English starts hunting for information to stop the assassination taking place and bring Vortex down once and for all.

Sound and Vision:
The blu-ray release has an overall good quality with vivid colors, well-balanced contrast and brightness, and plenty of detail. However, several scenes look flat and the black levels are hardly consistent.

Technically the soundtrack is very good, but the movie is extremely front-focused with rear speakers only coming into play for serious action scenes and relying for the rest on the musical score.

– Audio commentary track
– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel
– The English files: The Making of Johnny English Reborn
– Working with Rowan
– English in Hong Kong
– The Wheelchair Chase

A rather nice compilation of extras, although some are rather promotional of nature and try to make the movie sound better than it actually is.

Johnny English Reborn is the sequel to the rather unfunny Rowan Atkinson James Bond spoof from 2003 and where most sequels usually are worse than the original, Reborn isn’t any different.

As of the first minutes you notice the movie tries to be funny with immature physical gags but they don’t really work very well. During the entire movie I found myself curling my lips up only once and that was towards the very ending. For the rest we see Atkinson playing a talking version of Mr. Bean (but with less funny moves), an unfunny sidekick, and for the rest a well-known cast that seems to not quite know what to do and a plot that’s filled with holes as big as the Grand Canyon.

Johnny English Reborn comes with a technically decent transfer but lacks where it matter: the jokes.

Our Score:

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