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Johnny English

From the makers of Bean comes yet another Rowan Atkinson movie: Johnny English. It takes the English to make a James Bond parody they must have thought, and since we’ve only got one comedian left, let’s use Rowan Atkinson. Well my dead ladies and gentlemen: Rowan Atkinson has a problem with getting away from his Mr. Bean character.

Johnny English is a rather clumsy agent from MI7 and after he’s succeeded in getting every other agent in the department killed by accident, he becomes the only hope for her majesty’s secret service. First thing he needs to do is guard the crown jewels, but of course they get stolen. Purely by accident, he finds out that Pascal Sauvage – the man that payed for the restauration of the jewels in the first place – is the big bad guy who wants to take over England. Next up is a series of stupid jokes and lame acting from Atkinson.

Luckily we have Natalie Imbruglia to save the show a bit as John Malkovich manages to be outperformed by Atkinson. Never take an English-speaking actor to act as a French guy… it may sound funny for the English and Americans, but it certainly does not to the rest of the world.

Sound and Vision:
The good thing is that we get the quality we’re used to from universal, meaning sharp vision, good color use, nice depth in the black tones and hardly any grain. Only downpoint is appearance of aliasing in certain scenes and in such a way that it does damage the overall impression.

The soundtrack is dynamic and with good spreading over the different channels.

The Making Of is rather commercial and shows us the usual cast & crew interview shots along with some extra info on the production. Nothing really extraordinary. The Observation test is a small game which gives you access to the deleted scenes (if you win the game that is). Pretty funny. Next to some character info we also get a bunch of dvd rom extras.

The movie has some funny notes but unfortunately the funniest parts are those where Atkinson does another Bean impression. Imbruglia is good in her role but Malkovich is just painfully bad. Overall you can see that the dvd is created with care, only a couple of scenes that have problems with aliasing spoil the experience

Our Score:

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