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Thomas (Paul Walker) goes on a road trip after a call from his friend Venna who tells him she has just broken up with her boyfriend. Seeing that Venna (Leelee Sobieski) is pretty beautiful, Thomas doesn’t mind buying a car and travelling through half America just to pick her up and since his brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) just got released from prison, he can pick him up aswell to have some company for the long drive.

In a gas station, Fuller, who’s always in for a joke, buys a CB radio which they can use to spice up the trip. After a couple of chit-chats, Fuller asks Thomas to impersonate a women to try to have a laugh with some lonesome truck drivers. The joke works and a guy who calls himself Rusty Nail makes an appointment for a “romantic date” in a motel. When Rusty arrives to the date and notices it’s all a hoax, things start to get rolling. People get killed and Thomas and Fuller find themselves pursuited as Rusty Nail isn’t your average trucker but a real life psychopath who’s in for a deadly joke.

Paul Walker previously starred in “The Fast and The Furious” and seemed to be an upcoming star. Joy Ride was to be his next success, but the low budget horror movie didn’t quite lift his career. Still, it’s one of the better movies in its genre that got released lately.

Sound and Vision:
Sound is a very important part of a movie like this as it stressess a lot the tention that floats. Luckily for us, the Dolby Digital 5.1 track in this movie is incredibly good. Dialogues clearly understandable, good spreading of the surround channels, volume going up and down at the correct moments,… absolutely nothing wrong with it.
The same goes for the practically perfect image quality with clear and sharp details and good color balance. There aren’t many low budget productions that get such a good transfer to DVD.

Next to three audio commentary tracks (director, writers and main cast), a short featurette which is nothing more than advertising for the movie and audition scenes for the voice of Rusty Nails (including a voice audition with Eric Roberts) we get a whole load of alternate and extra scenes which are really worth watching. You get to see several different endings, making you really appreciate the original ending which made it in the movie, and another nice feature is that you can see the entire movie with the alternate and extra scenes, making it some sort of “Director’s Cut”. Pretty cool.

Although JoyRide isn’t a big budget box office hit, it’s certainly worth watching. This movie once again shows that you don’t need to have loads of money to make an entertaining movie and the fact that the tention stays until the end (you don’t get to see Rusty Nail ;p) makes that Joy Ride succeeds where Jeepers Creepers failed : a good thriller/horror experience.

Our Score:

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