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Judgment Night

Frank, Mike, John and Rey are heading to a boxing match when they end up in a traffic jam and fear to miss the game. Ray decides to take a turn off the highway in order to skip all the traffic and still make it in time for the match but quickly the guys realise they’re lost somewhere in a backstreet neighborhood and when they accidentally hit a man things turn for the worse. The man is wounded by a gunshot and when the guys that are looking for him arrive, what was supposed to be a fun night watching boxing becomes a nightmare. The guy gets shot in front of the boys and since the killers don’t want any witnesses, the hunt is on…

Sound and Vision:
Judgment Night is a movie from 1993 and for such an old movie the image quality is reasonable. Compression errors aren’t present but the level of detail could have been better while also the contrast is a bit off.

The sound comes with a 5.1 track but don’t expect too much from it. The emphasys is towards the front speakers and although the subwoofer does get a little bit of the action with an explosion, the surrounds hardly have to do anything.


Judgment Night is an average action thriller with a decent cast and pretty straight-foward storyline. There’s little originality or stuff we haven’t seen before but overall it does deliver 105 minutes of good entertainment. The DVD is pretty standard with average image and sound quality and a total absense of extras.

Our Score:

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