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Just Dance 2

Now that we get all kinds of dancing shows on TV, a new game couldn’t be left out. Just Dance gets its second edition and has some things to make up for compared to the original.

Those that think Just Dance is a school for learning to dance can forget about it. The idea of the game is to mimic dancing moves as good as possible but it doesn’t make you do more than that. There’s no explanation about techniques or moves, there’s no practise mode, and the point counting gives a rather strange image to your actual achievement.

In front of you on the screen you get a character that’s suited to the song and whose moves you need to follow. Mirror actually, as the left hand of the character remains highlighted colorfully and needs to correspond with your right hand that’s holding the Wii Remote. Below the figure is a bar that displays a new move coming up. This unfortunately gets displayed a bit too simple and you’ll need to have played each track already several times before you get an acceptable score as the moves follow up on each other rather quickly and it’s so unclear as to what you’re supposed to do that you’ll rather quickly get fed up with it all. Encouragement isn’t present.

The score is given based on a comparison. You hold the Wii Remote in your right hand (don’t forget the wrist strap!) and the system compares how the remote is held and how it moves with what the game expects. Not really watertight, that’s for sure. You can sit in your chair, just as long as you make the right moves there’s no problem. Being able to score high in such a simple way rather quickly decreases much of the fun.

A second weakness in this dancing game is the limited choice of songs. Admitted, there are a few nice ones present and the music genre is varied. Just think of “I’ve Got the Power” by Snap or “Body Movin’” from The Beastie Boys. However, 45 tracks for a game where music and dancing are central is not really a lot. Of course there’s the possibility to order new ones in the store, but you’ll have to pay extra for those.

The game does come with a couple of fun modes like Just Sweat or Dance Battle. In the first you get to select a program where you can work on your condition on a daily basis (Wii Fit anyone?) and through the sweat meter your progress is displayed and you’ll be working your body while dancing. In Dance Battle you play against each other, alone of in team, to get the highest score. Only too bad that there’s no career mode to be found.

The concept is pretty decent. Invite some friends, have enough to drink and eat, and you’re off for a couple of hours of fun. Beat each other with cool dancing moves and show off groovy choreography. Thanks to the text bar at the bottom of the screen everyone can even sing along. Unfortunately, that’s about it for the game. And probably for just about any dancing game in general.

When I got Just Dance in the mail, I really got all excited. Close all windows and curtains and sing along loudly while mimicing the moves as correctly as possible. Unfortunately, nothing is further away from the truth. The accuracy is far to be found and sitting in your chair doesn’t seem to make any difference. There are a couple of fun songs present and the concept as such is well worked out, but the game does start to bore pretty quickly. It should therefore not come as a surprise that Just Dance 2 is more fun with multiple people than alone, eventhough we have to admit that Just Sweat is quite alright.

For those that like to dance or have enough coordination, Just Dance 2 isn’t a bad choice but the casual gamer may still want to skip this one.

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