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Juwanna Mann

Jamal Jeffries is a star basketball player, but because of his really big ego and related actions, he gets kicked out the NBA. His agent tries to get him back in the NBA, but again Jamal’s ego ruins this attempt. As he has no money, he decides to go live with his aunt Ruby. He’s a star player, the best in history, but no team to play in, nobody wants him – at least that’s his words – so he makes a plan and asks aunt Ruby for help. He transforms into a woman and misleads his former agent as Juwanna Mann, so he can become a star in women’s basketball.

There is some struggling between the women and Juwanna in the team, but eventually together, they bring the team to the top. A differcult moment appears when Juwanna gets the chance to go back to the NBA. He decides to play the game with the girls however, but as he scores the winning dunk, his wig falls of. Now everybody can see who Juwanna Mann really is. His attitude has changed, he a complete new man. He apologizes for all the harm he might have done. For a minute it looks like his career is over, but …

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of this dvd is above average. I didn’t spot any compression error or dirt, nor grain or any other problems. Warner did their best again to provide a technically good dvd and they’ve succeeded.

The soundtrack goes the same. Quite a bunch of good music scores that make your subwoofer pound while dialogues are nicely positiond at the center speaker.

We start off with director’s commentary after which you can check out several deleted scenes. The Behind the Scenes Special is rather good and to end you can check out a music video, two short movies (The Premiere and The Press Day) aswell as the obligatory trailer. Decent stuff.

Although you can guess the end of the movie when you start watching, it’s a real “feel good” movie with some nice conversations and good jokes. Very nice.

Our Score:

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