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Kevin Spacey is Prot, inhabitor of the planet K-PAX. At least, that’s what he tells the police when they arrest him as they suspect him to have stolen a bag from a lady in the New York train station while all he tried to do was help. The cops think he’s had one too many blows on the head and bring him to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan where he becomes the patient of Dr.Powell (Jeff Bridges).

In his talks with Powell, Prot talks about the utopian planet K-PAX where were and famine don’t exist and due to the amount of convincing details he gives, both Powell and the other patients at the institute start to believe that there might be some truth in what he’s saying. When Prot then states that he’ll be returning to his planet, several patients want to go with him and Powell sees himself forced to find out whether or not Prot is telling the truth.

As we’re used from Spacey, his acting is again sublime in this slow but interesting movie. Also Jeff Bridges gives himself completely to pose as the sceptic Dr.Powell who slowly starts to believe that there might be some truth in what Prot is saying. While K-PAX is all but an action or sci-fi movie and has a slow pace, the plot is extremely good and K-PAX is definitely worth watching.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is top notch. Except for a small amount of grain there’s nothing that can be said about the image and the same can be told about the sound quality which also is of the highest level.
K-PAX is a dialogue movie but the surround channels are well-used for the accompanying music which gives the score nice spacey effect. The difference between DTS and DD5.1 is minimal.

Although both DTS and DD5.1 tracks are available, there was apparantly still enough room for some extra’s as there are a commentary track from the director, a “Making Of”, a behind-the-scenes called “B-Roll” which has no accompanying comments but is rather some footage straight from the set, a couple of short interviews with cast and crew and an alternate ending. Next to that we also get some deleted scenes, filmographies, trailer, black&white photographs made by Jeff Bridges during the filming and last a storyboard of the opening scene.

The only minor negative point of this DVD is the fact that the extras are not subtitled, but other than that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this one. Acting, plot, image, sound, … it’s all there and in sublime quality. A must have for anyone who’s got at least a small amount of brain cells

Our Score:

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