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Kangaroo Jack

Ever since Louis saved Charlie’s life when he was a kid, they’ve been best friends. 20 years later, Charlie owns his own beauty salon which was bought by his criminal stepfather Sal and where he has to give 80% of his profit to him. Louis hangs around and does several small jobs, most of the time the illegal kind. When Charlie helps Louis with transporting a bunch of TV’s, they get followed by the cops as they’re driving a stolen car. They manage to get rid of the cops (at least, they think so) and drive to a storage place of Charlie’s stepfather where the cops suddenly re-appear. Sal is all but happy with what happened but wants to give the guys another chance: they have to transport a small package to Australia and give it to a certain mister Smith. Louis and Charlie head off but when Charlie hits a kangaroo with the jeep they rented, things start to go wrong. Louis puts on his favorite jacket onto the Kangaroo to make some pictures, but then suddenly the animal wakes up and runs away. The kangaroo wasn’t dead after all and the package is in Louis’ jacket! While Charlie and Louis are trying to find the kangaroo back, they find themselves being chased by the people of Mr. Smith and even Sal sends over a couple of his boys to get everything taken care of…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is again up to Warner’s high standards with bright colors, good detail and contrast, no scratches, no edge enhancement nor any other things that could spoil your viewing pleasure.

Same goes for the soundtrack although the surround channels are hardly used except for the music to create a more atmospheric experience.

Quite a lot of extras are present on this dvd and we start off with the casting sessions which resemble a bit “America’s funniest home video’s” with animals. “Behind the Gas” is a short featurette on how the sound people managed to create decent sounding “gas”. I doubt I need to mention that this feature is filled with high quality humour… “Jackie Legs Dance Grooves” is a nice feature for the kids who would like to know how to dance. In a couple of simple to follow tutorials, they’ll learn the smooth moves used by Kangaroo Jack in the movie. “Masupial Magic” goes behind the screens and gives background information on how the special effects with the kangaroo were made. Of course we couldn’t go without a commentary track so we got two of them: the first is with Kangaroo Jack himself (funny as ever) while the second track has almost the entire main cast & crew telling all you want to know about the production. To end the extras we get gags & outtakes, cast overview, theatrical trailer and some dvd-rom features. All in all very entertaining and the kids will love it.

Kangaroo Jack was a bit of a surprise to me. It’s way more entertaining than I had thought and also the extras are a nice addition that I didn’t mind watching. Very good work from Warner and if you’ve got kids, you should definitely get this one for them!

Our Score:

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