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Keeping Mum

Reverent Walter Goodfellow (Atkinson) is so preoccupied with his forthcoming speech at a clerical congress that he has no clue what is going on with his family. His wife is getting it off with a local golfer (Swayze), his daughter has nymphomaniac tendencies and his son is constantly being harrassed at school. When Grace (Smith), the new housekeeper, moves in, things start to change. Daughter learns to behave nicely, son learns how to deal with bullies and Misses Goodfellow gets rid of her adultery. What nobody knows, however, is that Grace is an infamous killer who has just been released after 40 years of prison…

Sound and Vision:
There’s nothing to complain about the image quality as it’s got a good level of black, solid colors, sharp images and a good amount of detail.

Universal is starting to deliver their dvd’s with DTS tracks but the strange thing is that they pick mostly dialogue-drive movies for this. Keeping Mum is also one that gets this treatment and although we’re really happy with it, we’re still wondering why the big budget action titles have to do with Dolby Digital 5.1 while there a DTS track would really be of good use.

– Big Trouble in Little Wallop: a pretty decent Making Of that doesn’t go too much the promotional way as we’ve come to know it from many American releases
– Interviews: cast & crew give some comments on the movie. Unlike the “making of”, this is a pretty boring and useless feature
– Deleted scenes: 10 of them, mostly longer versions of scenes that did get in the final cut
– Outtakes

Keeping Mum is a typical British comedy with a good dosis of black comedy that will appeal to a very large audience. The cast do an excellent job in portraying their characters and especially Maggie Smith is superb in her role of the killer housekeeper. Technically this is a very good release with excellent image and sound. The “Big Trouble in Little Wallop” feature is a very good extra but the rest of the features really do feel as fillers.

Our Score:

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