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Kill Bill 2

The Bride (Thurman) has killed two of the five people that tried to kill her at her wedding which leaves Elle Driver, Bud and of course Bill himself. What she doesn’t know however, is that the daughter she was pregnant from at her wedding is still alive and under Bill’s custody…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good but the scenes where Black Mamba is starting training with Pai Mei contain quite a lot of grain and look old. This is a stylistical choice made by Tarantino but with the added amount of detail and sharper image of the Blu-ray it does look worse than it did on the DVD.

The sound of the DVD was already terrific but the Blu-ray adds some more dynamics to that, making it excellent.

Again no extras on this release.

RCV has released a technically very good Blu-ray although the improved image quality does give the idea that certain scenes look worse due to the enhanced level of detail. Again, however, we have to wonder why no extras were added. RCV previously released a 2-disc special edition that was filled with interesting extras and the question remains why you would settle for less. Image and sound may have improved, but without extras spending additional money for this Blu-ray release without extras is surely not worthwile

Our Score:

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