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Kill Bill Vol. 1

When Black Mamba (Thurman) gets pregnant and wants to get married, she decides to leave The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DVAS), a group of killers under the lead of Bill (Carradine). However, the rest of the group isn’t all too fond of her idea of leading a normal life and on her wedding day they stop by to kill everyone and shoot her in the head. Four years later, The Bride comes out of a coma. She has survived the bullet in her head and all she wants now is revenge. One by one she hunts down all of the murderers that interrupted her wedding to finally arrive with the man who lead them all, Bill… (who she’ll face in part 2)

Sound and Vision:
The cover states that the image is 2.35:1 but in reality the aspect ratio is 2.40:1. The movie contains several different color palettes and even has certain scenes in black and white with a little intentional grain to create extra atmosphere. Contrast, shadow depth, detail, and level of black are all of very high quality. There’s actually nothing bad to say about the transfer as also compression errors and edge enhancement are absent. A true joy to watch.

The soundtrack is also of high quality with good spreading and use of all the channels. Dialogues are perfectly positioned at the center speaker and effects fly around your ears all the time while the subwoofer gives everything some extra dynamics with a good bass. A soundtrack to show off your speakerset.

The Making Of Kill Bill: a standard “Making Of” with interviews with cast & crew, behind-the-scenes footage and background info on the overall production. Rather interesting but still a bit on the promo-side.
Videoclips :”I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield” and “I’m Blue” from “The 5, 6, 7, 8’s”. For the rest a couple of trailers

This is a typical Tarantino movie with magnificent dialogues, flashbacks and fight ballets. We can only say one thing: GREAT! Technically everything is also very much ok and although a 2-disc version could use a bit more extras, those that are present aren’t bad either

Our Score:

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