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Do you like loads of action, big shoot-outs and more weaponry than the terrorists can handle? Then put on your army suit and get ready for Kill.switch. Do you prefer balanced gameplay and an interesting story, then you might as well forget this game. The best aspects of the game concerns the shoot-outs, and this could turn out to be quite boring.

By developing this game, Namco did what others didn’t dare to do anymore. Games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell fancy killing people with a touch of stealth. You couldn’t imagine doing this twelve years ago. Back then, you had to shoot your way through with brutal action. Remember Contra, where you ran through the bullets while taking a helicopter down with your bazooka? Namco is trying to reincarnate this concept and they succeed, at least sometimes. It doesn’t last long, that’s a fact. After a couple of hours, I’ve had it with this foolish story. You visit a lot of countries without knowing what you’re doing and why you’re killing thousands of people. It has something to do with a virtual world and a nuclear bomb and that’s all I know about the story after playing. When we know more about the story, you’ll be the first to know.

It’s obvious that the story is a dull excuse to shoot as many bad guys as possible. But why criticise the story, while Kill.switch doesn’t need one at all? The confrontations with the enemies will be a pleasant surprise, delivering some unforgettable moments. Throughout the game, you will find different objects to hide for the enemies. And now, we deal with the most exciting feature of Kill.switch: It is possible to stand against a wall, take a quick peek and shoot even faster. What’s even more fun, is the fact that you can duck and place your gun above your head. You will be invisible for enemies, but will be able to shoot without being noticed. Your aim won’t be that exact, but it’s a cool way to kick ass and it’s pretty thrilling! It gave me the feeling that I was a macho, and that doesn’t happen often.

Sure, Namco did a great job inventing this move. They thought it was so much fun, they filled the whole game with these moments. Luckily, the game isn’t that long. Now, you won’t notice that it becomes a little boring sometimes. If the game was a couple of hours longer, it wouldn’t have lasted. This is one of the few games where the lack of a long playtime comes in handy for gamers and developers.

To create the characters, Namco went to look for other cool characters in other cool games. Therefore, the head character has the look of Solid Snake, Sam Fisher and a bunch of other hero’s. Just like in Syphon Filter, our new Rambo walks like he has to go to the bathroom but the toilet paper seems to be gone. It’s no shame to pee your pants in the immense action though. The enemies will come in large numbers and that could be really hard for some gamers. Luckily, there are enough of weapons and grenades to deal with these conflicts.

Man, I could talk for hours about Kill.switch but it doesn’t need words to be appreciated. You could compare it with a nice rollercoaster which becomes boring after a couple of times. I would rather enjoy the large spinning teacups, because they are filled with a magical feeling. Then, I begin to dream about distant countries in fairytale world. I’m sure of it: Kill.switch was made for people who go to Disneyland to visit Space Mountain, but never go to fairyland. You know, serious people who think they’re too grown up for childish pleasure. Those people will surely enjoy this game, while the other people will smile and continue on their “childish” quest in some sort of forest, enjoying the magical feeling that Kill.switch has lost.

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