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King Kong SE

New York 1933. Movie maker Carl Denham (Black) is having troubles to please his investors but the map he recently found of a yet undiscovered country gives him new hope that he’ll be able to make the movie he wants. His investors think otherwise though and want him to stop working so he prepares everything to leave with a ship to the island before anyone can stop him. Since his lead actress has bailed out, Denham quickly needs to find a new one and he does: in front of a burlesque theater he finds Ann Darrow, a beautiful woman he manages to pursuade to come with him.

Right before the investors and the police arrive at the docks, Denham’s ship and crew leave for the mystery island, not knowing that there they’ll face several dangers in the form of prehistoric animals, a blood thirsty tribe and a giant gorilla with the name of “Kong”.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is superb with only one small downpoint in the fact that there’s edge enhancement used. However, this will probably not bother you due to all the action that flashes over the screen.

King Kong has received an oscar for its sound and also on DVD this is quite impressive. All channels are used at full capacity with also the subwoofer shaking things up when necessary. Great stuff. Only too bad that once again we don’t get a DTS track

Disc 1
– The Volkswagen Touareg & King Kong: very boring and short feature on the creation of a promo spot for the Volkswagen Touareg
– Wish you were here: 1 minute promo for New York

Disc 2
– Introduction by Peter Jackson: Jackson tells in 4 minutes what you get on this disc
– End Production: 153 minutes of post production diaries from Peter Jackson. These 35 diaries were missing on the video-diaries that have been released as “Production Diaries” on DVD. An interesting extra that gives you an idea on what gets done once the shooting of the film is finished.
– Skull Island: A Natural History: a scientific view on how it’s possible that Skull Island contains dinosaurs.
– Kong’s New York: 28 minutes where experts talk about the history of New York and how people used to live there in the 1930’s.
– 14 page booklet with production info

Peter Jackson absolutely wanted to make this remake of King Kong and after the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he got everything he wanted to do that job his own way. The result may be seen visually, but there is a major downpoint still.

The original 1933 version of King Kong was a horror movie and people actually got scared of the huge gorilla. These days, we’re used to more and we don’t scare easily anymore. Therefore, the remake can hardly be seen as a horror flic and luckily Jackson reaised that. The result is that we get an Indiana Jones-like adventure movie with plenty of comedy. Although Jackson completely followed the original, the scope has changed so to say and this isn’t always a positive thing.

The movie lasts incredibly long also and especially the fight between Kong and certain scenes certainly could have been cut back a bit to make a shorter and more intense movie as currently, the long action scenes tend to get boring after a while. The good thing is that the acting is great and Naomi Watts looks like a fragile goddess while getting great support from Jack Black and Adrien Brody. Also a big applause to Andy ‘”Gollem” Serkis who plays Kong.

Universal delivers an excellent DVD package with plenty of interesting extras and great image & sound. All in all, King Kong is a fun movie that will appeal to a lot of people eventhough it’s a bit stretched.

Our Score:

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