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King of New York SE, The

When Frank White (Walken) returns to the Bronx after having been in jail for most of his life, his crew of black gangsters prepare a nice welcome in the form of eliminating some of the competition in the neighbourhood. However, it doesn’t stay with that. While Frank is doing his best to look good in public by supporting a local hospital, he and his crew work hard in getting rid of all other gangs that might interfere with themselves. Meanwhile, the police are doing what they can to catch Frank at something illegal, but unfortunately they don’t have much to go on. When frustration rises sky-high, they decide it’s time for some heavier action against Frank and his crew…

Sound and Vision:
Although The King of New York was shot in 1990, it’s got a very typical image style that’s specific for Ferrara’s work. Don’t expect nice and clean image but mostly dark and rather unstylised scenes that enhance the rather grimm atmosphere. On a technical level there’s nothing to complain though, A-Film has done a terrific job on that.

The fact that we get a DTS track is a big surprise but unfortunately, the movie doesn’t really use it to its full potential. A complete resampling would have done wonders as now the sound still sounds dated

Disc 1:
– Trailer

Disc 2:
– Trailers and TV Spots
– A Short Film about the Long Career of Abel Ferrara: a not so short (47 minutes) overview of the movies made by Ferrara with interview fragments of several people that used to work a lot together with him. Quite interesting stuff although you’ll have to chew through the first part which looks quite boring
– A Portrait of Christopher Walken: 26 minutes of rather promotional stuff surrounding the movies that Christopher Walken has done
– The Adventures of Schooly D: just over 40 minutes of info on Schooly D, the rapper that has done some of the lyrics and music for several movies of Ferrara
– Schooly D Music Video

The King of New York was released two years before Ferrara’s cult classic “Bad Lieutenant” featuring Harvey Keitel but already shows the director’s genius. No clean shots, no clear “good” and “bad”, no certainties, no redemption. That’s what Ferrara starts to explain with this movie and he does it with a cast and crew that manage to help him transfer the message perfectly. Christopher Walken has starred in a lot of movies but in my personal opinion, the role of Frank White is still one of the best he’s ever done.

Movie lovers need to get this DVD in their collection, not only because the movie is a classic, but also because A-Film has done a very good job in the technical and extras department. All the rest of you should get it to be able to check out one of Ferrara’s best movies ever. And now I’ll lay down and wait for Bad Lieutenant to arrive on DVD.

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