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Kingdom, The

After a terrorist organisation has done a gruesome attack on American people in Saoudi-Arabia, a specialist force of FBI agents is sent out to investigate together with the local authorities. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that the locals aren’t as cooperative as they would like and that the culture in the Middle-East is quite a bit different from that in the US.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are quite alright. There’s nothing obnoxious to say about either and everything is as you would expect from a recent release by a major movie studio like Universal.

– Audio commentary by Peter Berg
– The Appartment shooting
– Setting up the highway sequence
– Making of The Kingdom
– History of The Kingdom: an interactive timeline
– Deleted Scenes

A couple of nice features for those that didn’t find The Kingdom boring

The Kingdom tries to give an idea of what’s happening in the Middle-East and make a political statement but other than showing what a retarded country Saoudi-Arabia is (I’m not saying it is, just that that’s how it’s being portrayed) the movie doesn’t succeed in anything. If you were to believe the movie, one would wonder why the US didn’t invade this country instead of Iraq. After all, it’s filled with terrorists and if you make a wrong turn you’ll probably get shot at by tons of people with AK47s. If you’re white that is.

No, The Kingdom is a pretty boring movie where the action that you do get to see is pretty ridiculous (FBI agents transforming from a forensics team into Rambo-people) and there’s no reason to spend your money on this crap.

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