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Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

The PS2 doesn’t have many platform games although this is quite an important console genre, but Klonoa 2 is here and wants to give us the joy of gaming like Mario, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic.

I’m not going to bother you with the story of this platform scroller because as usual you have to rescue the world by finding stuff, killing cartoonesk enemies and defeating several end-bossess. I really start wondering how people come up with these stories of world disasters and then let you play with characters that look like they’ve come from Loony Tunes…

The graphics are polished and with the cell-shading you get a 3D feel although the game is in fact 2D. Also from time to time Klonoa gets thrown into the air which gives you a good look at the level from above and things like this add some value to the game which is defenitely necessary.

To make it short : there’s hardly anything original about this game. The main character looks like some rip-off from Sonic, the puzzles are really standard and not too hard, the end-boss is no different from any endboss you’ve ever seen and can be killed in the normal way : find weak spot, kick weak spot 3 times, end boss changes, find new weak spot, kick changed endboss 3 times in new weak spot, end boss dies.

The sound is awful and the music is boring as hell. To make things worse, all characters have these pikachu-like voices and they constantly speak Japanese with English subtitles ! This game is targeted at a young audience, and unless they live in Japan I don’t think children will appreciate that.

The levels themselves are well-crafted but that doesn’t save this game at all. If you’re looking for a nice platform game you should go and buy Jak&Daxter and if you really are interested in Klonoa I suggest you go rent it because it certainly isn’t worth to pay full price.

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