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Knockaround Guys

Matty Demaret is the son of mob boss Benny Chains. When he was twelve, it became clear that Matty didn’t have the stomache to be a mobster and ever since his dad hasn’t looked at him as a real man. Matty has been trying to get a normal job, but everywhere he goes his dad’s name keeps haunting him so he decides that if everyone thinks he’s a mobster, he could just as well become one. Except his dad of course.

One day, he and his friends get the chance to proove themselves. They need to make sure a bag filled with money gets across the country to Brooklyn. As such it sounds like a simple job, but when the bad gets stolen at an airport near a small town things turn for the worse…

Sound and Vision:
There are some very minor compression errors but overall the image quality is decent. Certain scenes are a bit on the dark side and could use some more detail though.

The sound does what it needs to do. Nothing special here.

An audio commentary track, deleted and alternative scenes

Knockaround Guys is a fun movie that contains some comedy, some action and a reasonably simple storyline that is uplifted by the decent acting. One shouldn’t take this film too seriously, but if you set your expectations right (not too high, don’t expect Godfather-like stuff) it will manage to entertain you as long as it lasts. If you’re looking for a film that will be able to keep you interested for 88 minutes and has a nice plot twist near the end, then Knockaround Guys is definitely one you should give a try.

Our Score:

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