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John Koestler is a scientist and teacher who’s become a bit bitter on the world after he’s lost his wife in a catastrofe. He’s trying to raise his son but often is so occupied with his work that he almost forgets all about what’s going on around him. When his son gets a paper from a time capsule that was burried fourty years ago, strange things start happening. The piece of paper is filled with numbers and when John examines it, he comes to a disturbing conclusion: the numbers represent dates and number of deaths of every major disaster since 1959 along with gps coordinates of where the disasters happened.

As John’s son hears whispering voices and starts getting visits by a stranger who shows him visions of fire, John decides to look into the last three dates on the paper but what he finds is more than he wanted to know…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of this Blu-ray is pretty decent with a decent level of detail, good contract and no compression errors. Just like what you would expect from a new release.

Also the sound does its job nicely eventhough we don’t get an HD track which is quite strange. No fear though, as the DTS sound has enough punch, uses all surround speakers when necessary and dialogues are constantly clear and understandable (except from the whispering which is intentionally not understandable)

– Making Of Knowing
– Visions of the Apocalypse

Nothing really special but nice to check out once.

Knowing is the latest movie with Nicolas Cage to arrive on Blu-ray and it starts off pretty well – although not all too original – with strange visions and visitations and unexplainable premonitions. However, the entire plot twists become predictable after a while and the ending is a complete downer. For once, Cage isn’t playing some depressed loner but I also have to say he still doesn’t impress.

The movie follows the familiar steps of the genre (strange things happen, find out what’s going on, try to fix things) but although there’s nothing intrinsically wrong, I couldn’t really be bothered with what was happening on the screen.

Overall: mediocre disaster movie with a couple of nice effects but a storyline that can’t really grab you by the balls.

Our Score:

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