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L.A. Confidential

It’s Los Angeles in the 1950’s and three cops each have their own way of doing their job. Rookie Ed Exley (Pearce) is very ambitious and wants to do the good thing. Bud White (Crowe) doesn’t mind bending the rules to get results, and Jack Vincennes (Spacey) likes to do his job in front of the camera’s with lots of media attention. These three cops are forced to come together to fight corruption in their own department although their differences sometimes stand in their way.

LA Confidential is a true crime-noir movie based on the novell from James Ellroy and has received 2 oscars for best screenplay and supporting actress and that wasn’t without good cause. All actors do their job tremendously and the slow but steady pace of the film goes towards a grand finale without ever boring you.

Sound and Vision:
Image quality is good with almost no edge enhancement to be seen, nice contrast and good color balance although a lot of brown and pastel colors are used.

This thriller is more about dialogue than pure action and the surround channels are hardly used except for the action scenes. Still, the sound is good with dialogues being well-positioned at the front and center speakers.

The extras follow the atmosphere of the movie with 1950’s like headlines that give access to the different features as there are interviews with cast and crew, information on the crew, biographies, information on mobsters of the 1940’s and 1950’s and much more.

LA Confidential is a great movie with great cast and the awards and nomination it has gotten speak for themselves. Add to this the good image and sound quality along with the amount of available extras and you’ve got a top DVD

Our Score:

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