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Lady in the Water

One night, Cleveland Heep, the stuttering janitor of an appartment building, catches a woman skinny dipping in the pool. He quickly finds out she’s a narf, some sort of water fairy, called Story who has to bring an important piece of information to humanity that will bring a large change to our society. To complete her task, she’s looking for a writer so quickly Heep starts looking around the tenants of the building. Once he has found the writer and Story managed to complete her job, she wants to go back to her own people, but there’s a danger lurking around. The main enemies of Narfs are Scrunts and one of them is hanging around the pool to make sure Story doesn’t get back. Heep will have to find a way to safely get Story back to her people without the Scrunt spoiling all the fun.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty decent without too many compression errors. The contrast is a bit less but that’s intentional to make sure the special effects aren’t too obvious.

The 5.1 soundtrack nicely uses the surround speakers for some special effects and environment sounds while dialogues are clear and understandable and always positioned at the center speaker.

– Lady In The Water: A bedtime story: 5 minute feature that promotes M. Night Shyamalan
– Reflections of Lady in the Water: 6 part feature that gives some info on different parts of the making of this movie but again we get to hear how great Shymalan actually is. Pretty promotional so to say.
– Audition footage
– Gag Reel
– Deleted Scenes
– Trailers

Lady in the Water is M. Night Shyamalan’s fifth movie and the second one that gets crushed by critics all over the place (first one being The Village). Buena Vista and Shyamalan parted from each other over this film and one can understand why. The storyline is a fairy tale Shyamalan invented himself and to be honest, it’s pretty straight forward. The “plot twists” are hardly unexpected and the only moment that you’ll really get any “feeling” with the film is at the very end (Shyamalan did a great job with the music score there). Everything is clear from the beginning and you constantly wonder why people on the screen still didn’t figure everything out. It’s not like it’s so hard to see what’s going on.

If it wasn’t for Shyamalan having a big name in the movie business thanks to his previous successes, Lady in the Water probably wouldn’t make much waves. On the other hand, it’s Shyamalan himself who manages to drown the film with leaving out any decent plot twists, taking a major role upon himself, making all characters look like stereotypes that have everything except depth and trying to only draw the emotional card which fails miserably. A very mediocre movie that doesn’t really fit into any box but maybe if you don’t expect too much you may have fun watching it.

Warner delivers Lady in the Water with decent image quality, a very good soundtrack and mediocre extras that have as sole purpose to promote Shyamalan

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