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Ladykillers, The

Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III (Hanks) arrives at a small town in Mississippi where he rents a room in the house of widow Marva Munson (Hall). He manages to completely get Mrs. Munson charmed by him with his little manners and fantastic language but in fact he wants to rob the casino that’s on board of the river boat, the “Bandit Queen”. He tells Mrs. Munson that he’s part of a band who perform Renaissance music and wants to use her cellar for so-called repetitions. Of course, Mrs. Munson doesn’t mind this at all as she herself is a lover of gospel and goes to church every Sunday. So, the path is clear for Goldthwait and his partners (who are all specialised in a certain matter to make sure the robbery succeeds well) to dig a tunnel to the boat and get the money out of it. However, Mrs. Munson is a bigger pain in the ass than foreseen and when she finds out that they’ve robbed the casino, they’ll have to kill her. But Mrs. Munson isn’t that easy to kill…

Sound and Vision:
The image has almost no flaws except for some minor grain and edge enhancement. Overall, the amount of detail and the sharpness of the movie are above average, even during the dark scenes.

The sound of a comedy is mostly rather focused on the front speakers and The Ladykillers is no exception. The surround channels are hardly used except for the music score. The subwoofer does get some action during certain scenes which is nice, and the dialogues are at all times clear and understandable. A very decent track.

– Preview trailers of – King Arthur, Starsky & Hutch, Cold Mountain, Hidalgo, Miracle
– Gospel of the Ladykillers: complete performance of Shine On Me and Trouble Of This World by the Abbot Kinney Lighthouse Choir
– Bloopers
– Danny Ferrington: The Man behind the Orchestra: Feature on Danny Ferrington who made the instruments used by the characters in the movie

The Ladykillers is a remake of the 1955 Alec Guinness movie but of course the Coen brothers had to make it something special. Tom Hanks is great in the form of the gentleman/thief Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III. The other actors also perform great, but although I’m not such a big fan of Tom Hanks, he again displays the immense talent he has for acting. I doubt anyone could have given so much flair to the character. Although The Ladykillers doesn’t get to the level of Fargo, it’s well above the level of the average comedy and I don’t really understand why the mainstream critics tend to bash this movie so much. Personally I found it quite enjoyable.

Buena Vista delivers this disc with above average image and sound quality (especially for a comedy) but the extras on the disc aren’t really interesting. Definitely something you should rent and if you like the Coen brothers’ humour a must have in your collection.

Our Score:

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