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Land of the Dead SE

Zombies have taken over the world and there’s only a small percentage of survivors left. What remains of mankind in the US has gathered in a fortified city surrounded by water where the rich tend to pretend life carries on as before with Paul Kaufman (Hopper) in control, while the poor have to fight for their existence. To get supplies for the city, groups of mercenaries are sent out on a regular basis to attack small towns filled with zombies and one of the leaders of this pack is Riley (Baker) who’s created Dead Reckoning, an armored truck that’s heavily armed. When Paul and his crew go out again for Paul’s last mission before he retires, they find out a terrifying fact: the zombies are regaining some intelligence…

Sound and Vision:
The image is very sharp, has good contrast and tons of detail. Paradiso has done and excellent job here.

And if that isn’t enough, the DTS track really puts you in the middle of the action and uses all channels at full capacity while dialogues remain clear and understandable. Great stuff!

– The Return of the Living Dead: A Making Of that’s filled with promotional crap
– A Day with the Living Dead: John Leguizamo gives you a tour behind the scenes. A rather superficial extra that barely scratches the surface of how things went during the making of the movie
– Bringing the Dead to Life: a rather interesting extra that gives more info on the special effects makeup
– When Shawn meets George: two guys from Shawn of the Dead got to do a small role in Land of the Dead. This extra follows them as they head to the US and meet up with George Romero
– Tribute to George A. Romero: Promo crap where everyone tells just how fantastic George A. Romero is
– Screamtests: a rather useless extra where we get to see cgi zombies dancing on some music
– Slaughter Scene: compilation of scenes
– Special Effects: More movie footage compiled and added with behind the scenes footage
– Leftovers: deleted scenes
– Topspots: a couple of trailers
– Storyboards & Final scene: storyboard comparison

After the original “Dead”-trilogy things have been pretty quiet surrounding George A. Romero but with Land of the Dead he’s completely back! The movie has a pretty decent cast and the storyline is again a good cricticism on current events. The special effects add to the overall experience with tons of added value and the end result is a very entertaining movie. Paradiso has done an excellent job on image and sound quality but although there’s a ton of extras, most of them are too promotional and carry too little interesting information. A missed chance.

Our Score:

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