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Las Vegas Season 1

Welcome to Las Vegas! Welcome to the Montecito Casino that’s ran by Ed Deline (James Caan) and secured by Danny McCoy. You hostess is the lovely Samantha “Sam” Marquez and together with events manager Mary Connell she’ll make sure you’ll have a fantastic time! Are you hungry? Maybe you want to get a table at the Mystique restaurant thanks to Delinda Deline or maybe you just want to start gambling immediately? Then we’ll open up a table for you while Nessa Holt, our best pit boss will keep an eye open to see whether you’re not planning on cheating!

Sound and Vision:
Again some great stuff from Universal who deliver excellent image quality filled with detail and sharp image. There are some episodes that contain grain but that looks intentional so I won’t hold it against them.

The sound is strangely enough only available in 2.0 for those that check out the English track, while a 5.1 surround track is present for people who love dubbed track. I really can’t stand such choices!

– Inside the Montecito: a behind-the-scenes look at the production with Gary Scott Thompson
– Las Vegas – The Big Gamble: a historical look at Las Vegas
– Rumble in the Montecito: mini movie with the stars of the Las Vegas cast

Las Vegas combines the beautiful bodies of goodlooking girls with interesting plots and storylines. It’s like Baywatch with a decent script! To add to the overall quality, we get a bunch a great actors with James Caan of course on the front seat, but also a ton of other celebrities come by including Jean-Claude Van Damme who actually dies! On the technical part, we can say that Universal did a great job with good image & sound quality as well as some interesting extras, something that these days TV series don’t always get. Great stuff and I can’t wait for the second season to be released on dvd although I do hope that next time the original soundtrack in English will also be a 5.1 track!

Our Score:

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