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Las Vegas Season 2

The second season of Las Vegas starts off quickly with the return of Danny McCoy from Iraq and him proposing to Mary. However, Danny isn’t the same man anymore and this makes Mary doubt on what she should answer. Luckily, Ed Deline is there to support Danny with what he went through eventhough he himself gets haunted by his CIA past and even gets accused of murder. Meanwhile, Sam gets involved with a notorious drug kartel while her husband (yes, she’s apparently married) comes to the casino to win her back while Mike Cannon and Nessa Holt are also starting to get romantic feelings for each other. Of course this isn’t all that happens during the second season of Las Vegas as we get all kinds of stuff including robberies, cheaters, blackmail, espionage and just about every criminal thing that can happen.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is improved over the first season with a lot less grain present. The amount of detail is pretty good and also the contrast can’t be complained about. Very decent stuff for a TV series

The soundtrack is a very active one with lots of use of the surround speakers when there are special effects happening on the screen and also the music adds nicely to the atmosphere. While the first season had a 2.0 English track, we now get a fully fledged 5.1 surround one 🙂

Only a ton of bloopers from both the first and second season

This second season continues as if the cliffhanger of the first season hardly happened but that doesn’t bother at all. Within seconds you’re back in your seat following the adventures of the crew of the Montecito and are laughing your asses off with all the comedy that’s going on. And that’s exactly what Las Vegas is: comedy! There are a lot of interesting plotlines but the most fun are the jokes that are constantly poured over the viewer. The acting is still top notch and again we get a lot of guest appearances by famous actors and singers (Sylvester Stallone, Black Eyed Pees, Pussy Cat Dolls, Snoop Dogg, …).

If we were to look for a downpoint that spoils the fun a bit it would come from Molly Sims who plays Delinda Deline, daughter of Ed Deline (James Caan). Her role is quite stupid and she does an excellent job in portraying it as such. While I would imagine that she has to bring in an additional amount of comedy, her character only manages to irritate. Other than that, I can’t wait to check out the next season!

Our Score:

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