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Las Vegas Season 3

At the end of season two, we got to see the Montecito being blown to pieces after a new owner bought the place. That’s exactly where we start and things are hectic as ever. The new owner is making Ed’s life miserable, Danny is having an affair again with Delinda until her former boyfriend comes along, Mary is having problems with her husband who really doesn’t want her to work, and Sam is taking care of her whales as usual while having an affair with Boston detective Woody Hoyt. And if that isn’t enough love, Mike Cannon starts a thing with Sarasvati from accounting. Of course, love isn’t the only thing in the air so there’s plenty of action present as well with robbers, cheaters, and even a real cooking contest!

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor aliasing present but overall the image is decent with plenty of detail, good contrast and bright colors.

The 5.1 soundtrack again does its job very nicely, adding some additional atmosphere and using the surround speakers very well for the music and a couple of effects.

– Bloopers
– Time for something new: a boring feature where you get to see a fast-forward image of how the new hotel was created

The third season of Las Vegas continues the line that was set previously which comes down to mixing together a coktail of drama, romance, comedy and action. While season 2 started a bit darker, this third season tends to draw the card of comedy more and this isn’t a bad thing. The humour is pretty decent while the storylines of the episodes remain interesting to watch. We did spot a couple of scenes that looked familiar compared to previous scenes though but not enough to bother. There’s a couple minor episodes present but overall the third season still shows high quality television and I’m sure anyone will have fun watching.

Special note: while the “uncensored” title didn’t really mean much in season one and two, we do get to see some nipples this time. Ok, it still isn’t much but at least you know why the sensor for television now 😉

Our Score:

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