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Laser Arena

Hi ya folks, welcome to the Laser Arena ( Valusoft ) shortie 🙂

Laser arena is a small title based om the popular laser shooting game. Since this is a quickie, i’ll stop the chit chat and go straight to the point: It sux :). The game is powered by the Quake2 engine wich is a little out of date, but has great physics.
The graphs are a bit polished but stand nowhere when u take a look at Soldier of Fortune. The maps are true laser shoot maps wich makes them dark, so dark I couldn’t locate any fun in them :).
The sounds are the basic “piew piew” thingies with a rather nice soundtrack, but nothing that makes u say WOW!.

There are a load of game modes but to me they are more a load of crap, the same crap as in all the other Quake2 wannabee games.
The opponents go from incredibly Stupid to Botlike good, so in other words: The fun would be in Multiplayer games, but i don’t see anyone play this in mp when the can play Quake or Unreal.

So to conclude, this game is the same old shit in an old 3D engine. If it was a Q3 engine game, people would still buy it cause it looks fine, now they wont (certainly not after reading my review 🙂

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