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Last House on the Left, The

John and Emma Collingwood are heading to their lake house together with their daughter Mari to enjoy a relaxing holiday and get their relationship back on track after the loss of their son. Mari doesn’t want to hang around, doing nothing though, so she decides to head to town and get together with her friend Paige. Once there, she and Paige meet a rather shy boy called Justin who takes them to his hotel room where they start smoking some joints. When Justin’s dad, a fugutive, suddenly arrives together with his friend Francis and girlfriend Sadie, thing turn for the worse.

The girls are taken to a nearby forest where Paige gets killed and Mari raped, shot and left for dead. Mari, however, does manage to escape and after some time she manages to get back to the lake house – though barely alive – where her parents immediately try to treat her and find out what happened. It doesn’t take long for John and Emma to find out that the people who violated their daughter are actually the visitors they let in earlier in the evening so they could seek refuge from the rain…

Sound and Vision:
The transfer for this Blu-ray isn’t exactly top notch. The contrast is a bit flat, the levels of black aren’t great and amount of depth and detail also could use some work. Add to that a rather blue-ish color palette and quite some noise and you can imagine we’ve seen better.

The soundtrack is nice but could use a bit more punch here and there, especially seeing that it’s a DTS-HD track. Again – as with the image – we’ve had better.

– Behind the Screens
– Deleted Scenes

The Last House on the Left is a remake of Wes Craven’s cult classic from 1971 and as with so many remakes these days the “big studio overhaul” makes it technically a lot better (as is the acting) but the depth of the story and Craven’s intended social criticism is pretty much gone.

The characters seem to have no remorse what so ever about what they’re doing (except for Justin who would do a great job as a zombie in another horror movie) and the change in attitude from the Collingwoods is strange to say the least. From loving – but maybe a bit overprotective – parents they switch into sadistic killers without much reason. Escaping from criminals and getting their daughter to a hospital seems less important than getting even with the bad guys.

Still, if you look at The Last House from the Left as a standalone piece that has nothing to do with Craven’s original, you get a somewhat entertaining revenge movie that unfortunately takes too long before we get to the action, action that at times is also stretched beyond belief without reason.

An average horror flick at best, a major disappointment of a cult classic at worst. Add to that the not so perfect image and sound and a rather thin amount of extras and the overall conclusion is… bleh.

Our Score:

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