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Last King of Scotland, The

Dr. Garrigan has just left medical school with his degree but a life as assistant of his father as village doctor isn’t something he looks forward too. He wants adventure so decides to go to Africa for a while to “experience life. Shortly after his arrival in Uganda the country is taken over by Idi Amin who promises to make things better for his people.

One day, Amin drives his car against a cow and hurts his wrist. Thankfully, Garrigan is in the neighbourhood and gets to help the man out. This bring him to Amin’s attention and when the dictator finds out Garrigan is Scottish, nothing can go wrong. Amin loves the Scottish and invites Garrigan to join him and become part of his inner circle. Garrigan kinda likes the fact he can be the personal physician as well as adviser of the mightiest man in the country and accepts. However, as time passes by, Garrigan starts to realise that Amin isn’t th friendly giant but a paranoid and megalomaniac man who will get rid of anyone that stand in his way.

Sound and Vision:
The image doesn’t contain any obvious compression errors and also the level of detail is pretty good. Fox did a nice job with this transfer as everything looks very natural and the colors and contrast nicely accompany the atmosphere.

The sound is mostly focused on the front channels but the occasional special effects do make good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer. Overall this dvd got a decent transfer.

The extras contain a director’s audio commentary track, seven deleted scenes, a feature on the casting for The Last King of Scotland, more info on Forest Whitaker’s view on the role and a short documentary called “Idi Amin” which also includes parts of the movie. All in all some interesting stuff but it might have been better if the different parts would have been put together as one big “Making Of” instead of these separate pieces that clearly are shot around the same time.

The Last King of Scotland is based on true events but tells a fantasy story. The whole Dr. Garrigan part in the film is totally fake but don’t let that turn you down. Forest Whitaker is fantastic as Idi Amin and the psychology behind the character as well as the cruelty from the man are totally real. This is one of the better movies that have lately gotten the DVD treatment and Fox has done an excellent job in that. The image and sound as well as the extras are above average and exactly what a movie like this deserves.

If you’re looking for a non-typical movie, The Last King of Scotland is currently one of the best dvds you can get your hands on.

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