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Last Man Standing

Some time in the prohibition, John Smith (Willis) arrives in the small town of Jericho where 2 families are fighting each other for the monopoly on alcohol distribution. He starts to play both mob leaders against each other with only Hickey (Walken) seeing through his deception. When everyone starts to turn on him, Smith has no option than to start a full-blown war which ends in the best Wild West tradition with a shootout.

Anyone that loves the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns will probably love this movie. The ingredients are about the same, only transported to the US of the 1950’s. Don’t expect any sublime plot or anything as the storyline is pretty straight forward and pretty unconvincing (hey, if loads of people start shooting at you, you’ll probably get hurt. Not Bruce Willis though ;p)

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is absolutely not what you’d expect from a DVD. Color balance is off, image isn’t sharp, grain and aliasing can be spotted and to make things even worse, the movie isn’t even in its widescreen version put on the DVD. Last but not least, black isn’t black.

The sound is coded in Dolby Surround rather than DD5.1. Still, things aren’t as bad as you would expect as the action scenes are very nice with the sound giving you the impression that you’re right in the middle of the fight.

No real interesting extras as the Making Of is pretty disappointing and the B-Roll where you get to see some footage of the making of the movie (just images of the set with camera’s rolling) is boring as hell. Last there’s the obligatory trailer.

Only for lovers of old-fashioned Spaghetti westerns. Picture Bruce Willis in the role of Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken in the role of Lee Van Cleef and the 1950’s in stead of the Wild West

Our Score:

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