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Last Mimzy, The

When two kids, Emma and Noah, find a strange cubical object on the beach, they look inside to find not only some weird-looking stones but also a cute bunny. In no time, Noah is suddenly able to communicate with spiders while Emma has telepathic and telekinetic powers. Also they manage to create a state-wide electricity blackout! Slowly but steadily they find out that the bunny is actually a Mimzy sent from the future that’s got to absorb a part of the human genome in order to guarantee the further existence of the human race.

Sound and Vision:
As a recent release, The Last Mimzy does an excellent job on DVD with good contrast, bight colors and sharp detail. Only some occasional minor compression errors might spoil the fun a bit but then you would have to be really on the lookout for them.

The movie is mainly dialogue-driven and the soundtrack does a good job with that. Also the few special effects are nicely handled but why Warner decided to add a 5.1 EX track is a mystery.

The first bonus section contains six featurettes for a total of 26 minutes that explain some of the background and science behind the movie. Next to that there’s also a fast track that runs along with the movie. The All Access Pass has an audio commentary track by Bob Shaye, deleted scenes with optional commentary and a short introduction. Also there are again six featurettes present, this time good for 55 minutes. These cover most parts of the production process. Last up there are a trailer and a music video.

Although quite a nice amount of extras, the menus could use some work.

While The Last Mimzy might be fun for kids, the average acting, weak script and hardly great work from the director will probably scare away anyone above the age of ten. The image, sound and extras are quite nice, but who cares about that when the main course (the movie itself) doesn’t manage to impress neither as a kid movie nor as a fantasy film.

Our Score:

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