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Last Ride, The

Years ago, Ronnie Purnell (Dennis Hopper) and his wife stole money as protest against the war in Vietnam. When their last heist goes wrong, his wife dies and Ronnie goes to jail. Their son Aaron (Will Patton) gets under the custody of Darryll (Fred Ward) a cop who’s friends with Ronnie. Years later, Aaron has a son of his own, Matthew (Chris Carmack). Aaron has become a loyal detective but his son has a lot from Ronnie. Instead of being a good law-abiding citizen, Matthew likes driving around in his car and participating in illegal nightly drag races.

When Ronnie gets released from prison, Matthew awaits him despite explicit requests from his father not to contact Ronnie. It quickly becomes clear that Ronnie wants revenge on the man who betrayed him and his wife but for that he needs to find the Pontiac GTO that he drove the day he got caught. Together with Matthew, Ronnie begins his search but they quickly find out that they’re not the only ones looking for the car…

Sound and Vision:
This movie was made for television but the image quality doesn’t suffer from that. Nice and bright colors, good contrast, no compression errors or edge enhancement. Overall a decent transfer. However, the soundtrack hardly ever uses the surround channels and definitely misses some punch. This is where the “made for TV” label leaves its mark.


When you look at the cover you would think this must be a great movie. Created by the makers from The Fast & The Furious and XXX, and starring Dennis Hopper and Fred Ward. However, don’t be fooled by the good-looking cover.

The Last Ride is like one big commercial for the Pontiac GTO. They even managed to get a whole presentation of the newest model of the car in the movie during a visit at a car fair! Also, the special effects that are used are nowhere near what we got to see in The Fast&The Furious, the soundtrack clearly falls short and the storyline is thin as paper. I was happy that there were no extras that I needed to watch as that would have only increased my pain of watching Dennis Hopper in such a stupid movie

Our Score:

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