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Last Sign, The

Andie MacDowell is Kathy, a woman who’s recently lost her husband who became an alcoholic after seeing all the injustice in Africa. Together with her two daughters and her adolescent son, she now has to struggle through life. To be able to pay the bills, she’s taken on a job in a laboratory but that still isn’t enough so she decides to rent a part of the house. In comes Marc, a Frenchman who travels all around the world for his company. He looks great, is funny, and the family immediately gets along with him. However, as soon as Marc arrives, the phone starts ringing each night at 12:15AM. Other signs that Kathy’s former (dead) husband is hanging around also start to appear… What does he want?

Sound and Vision:
This is again a release of a recent movie by Paradiso and as we’re getting used from them, the image is quite good. There are some minor compression errors present, but for the rest we’ve got nothing to complain.

The same goes for the soundtrack which has a subtle use of the surround speakers as well as the subwoofer, but for the rest nicely delivers crystal clear dialogues.


Let’s see where to start. Ah, yea. This movie is based on a novel written by some woman I’ve never heard of and if the book is anything like the film, I’m sure not a lot of people will ever have had the insane idea of buying it.

Think about it: a thriller about a woman who gets haunted by her dead alcoholic idealist of a man who wants to be fogiven for all the bad things he did to her

Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous plot? Add to that an Andie MacDowell who acts as good as the tree in my backyard, Tim Roth who gets to say a few lines and for the rest wanders around with a glass of scotch in his hands, and a French actor who’s lines are hardly ever more than two sentences at a time… and what do you get? Total crap that’s called “The Last Sign”.

Our Score:

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