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Layer Cake

Mr. X (Craig) is a businessman. Not your ordinary businessman, however, as his product is drugs. A man has to make a living out of it before it becomes legal, now doesn’t he? The last time, he’s been saving some money which makes that in a couple of days, he’ll have a million which is enough to retire. Of course, his companions aren’t aware that he wants to step out of the business. But then, his employer requests him to buy a batch of pills and find the daughter of one of his associates. While it doesn’t look that difficult of a job, Mr. X finds out that the pills are stolen from a Serbian drug lord who is now out to get revenge for this theft on anyone that has anything to do with them. And finding the girl isn’t as easy as expected either… Mr.X’s retirement seemingly has to be postponed…

Sound and Vision:
Sony has provided Layer Cake with an excellent image quality without compression errors and no annoying other artefacts.

The 5.1 soundtrack is moody and nicely uses all channels when necessary. A good track that benefits the overall atmosphere.

– Alternative ending
– Audio commentary by director Matthew Vaughn and writer J.J.Connolly
– Deleted scenes
– Q&A screening interviews
– Making Of
– Foto gallery

Layer Cake is directed by Matthew Vaughn who previously was the producer for such hits as Lock, Stock&Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. His change towards being director (next to producer) for Layer Cake is in my opinion a huge success. The movie contains a great cast, has a fantastic storyline and dwells with the atmosphere we’re getting used from movies like Trainspotting, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Technically there’s nothing to complain and we get also the usual batch of extras but that’s not why you should get this dvd. The movie itself can perfectly stand on its own and provides great entertainment.

Our Score:

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