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Lazarus Child SE, The

Jack (Garcia) and Alison’s marriage isn’t going all too great. Jack has had a short affair and therefore Alison doesn’t really trust him anymore. Meanwhile, Jack’s company is struggling to stay afloat. When their children Ben and Frances walk to school, Frances gets hit by a car and gets in a coma while Ben blaims himself for the accident. For months, Jack and Alison hope that Frances will wake up but none of the treatments at the hospital seem to work and they’re getting desperate until one of the doctor’s assistants tells them of a very experimental treatment that’s being done on coma patients in the US. Jack and Alison think this is the last possibility and want Frances to undergo the treatment but the doctors do everything in their power to prevent Frances to be transported to the US to be treated there.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is excellent with bright and deep colors and very good contrast as well as detail. There’s some minor grain present as well as some compression errors but nothing that spoils the fun.

The DTS track is very good with detailed use of all the available channels and surprising for this type of movie.

– The Unsaid: another movie with Andy Garcia
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The Lazarus Child is an excellent piece of work from director Graham Theakston who’s done most of his work for TV. The story itself isn’t spectacular in any way, but Theakston manages to slip in some effects we mostly know from horror movies which add a lot of atmosphere to the overall movie. Dutch Filmworks has done a very good job on the image and especially sound quality and the fact that you get a second movie, The Unsaid, as a bonus is an added plus.

Our Score:

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