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League of Gentlemen, The

Royston Vasey is a small town somewhere in the UK and there’s something strange happening there. People are getting nosebleeds for no apparent reason and it’s spreading like an epidemic. Does it have something to do with the “special stuff” the butcher is selling? And what is going on in the local shop for local people where people tend to never leave? What are the plans of the Denton family with their beloved nephew Benjamin and their toads? Will anyone stop circus master Papa Lazarou collecting women? All this and more in The League of Gentlemen!

Sound and Vision:
No compression errors are present and things look sharp so we’re quite happy with the presentation already by Warner.

The soundtrack is decent but nothing special. This series is entirely dialogue-based and they are crystal clear so we’re happy with it 🙂

– Audio Commentaries from the Director
– Audio Commentaries from the Film Crew
– Deleted Scenes
– Tales from behind the Crypt
– Interviews
– Making of
– Character biographies
– Video diaries
– Photo Gallery
– Special Effects Documentary

Three seasons and a Christmas special worth of insane and totally over-the-top comedy. That’s what you get when you buy The League of Gentlemen. At first you’ll need to get into it a bit, but once you’ve watched a couple of episodes, you’ll start loving the totally insane plots that act as a red line throughout the seasons. The acting is all done by the creators of the show and it’s magnificent how they manage to create such sick and pathetic characters time after time. The League of Gentlemen plays in a league of its own and you should most definitely check it out!

Our Score:

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