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A small group of people are together in a remote diner in the Mojave desert New Mexico to have a quick snack or because their car broke down when suddenly all outside connections break off. The TV has no more picture and all phone connections are down. While they try to figure out what’s going on, a man called Michael arrives and tells them that God has lost faith in mankind and has started the Apocalypse, lead by Archangel Gabriel, Michael’s brother.

Michael on the other hand hasn’t lost faith in mankind and is here to help protect the pregnant waitress Charlie who’s baby apparently is mankind’s last hope for survival…

Sound and Vision:
Digital compression errors are down to a minimum and except for some moiré here and there we can’t really complain. The movie is very stylized and has different color palettes where daytime looks warm and has yellow/brownish colors, while night is harder and looks blue/green. We get good contrast, decent level of depth and plenty of shadow detail. A good transfer, eventhough the end sequences look overly stylized and fake but that’s because of the director and not the transfer.

We get a warm and dynamic soundtrack with plenty of bass and good use of the surround speakers for aggressive creepy effects. Nice!

– Creating the Apocalypse
– Humanity’s last line of defense
– From pixels to picture
– Trailers

A decent making of, some promotional interviews that are filled with the cast saying how great they all are, and a feature on the special effects. Overall a decent bundle.

Legion ends up being a decent movie but one that doesn’t manage to really stand out of the crowd. It’s like a religious Terminator movie with elements from The Stand, Dawn of the Dead and even Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. The special effects look nice but aren’t really anything we haven’t seen before either and the scenes in heaven and towards the ending are clearly fake and don’t manage to impress what so ever.

Overall Legion is something fans of this type of movies will certainly appreciate, but it isn’t something you’ll remember for a long time due to the fact that there’s too much obvious borrowing going on from other movies and too little originality

Our Score:

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