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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Some time ago you could already play the package of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga seperately on a bunch of different consoles. This time both games were merged, added with improved graphics and some online possibilities, and thrown together on amongst others, the Xbox360. That the charm of combining those two timeless forms of entertainment still works as a lego block ticks, is without a doubt.

In LEGO Star Wars you get to play the story of all six Star Wars movies. Added with a hilarious sauce of inside jokes like Storm Troopers in a jacuzzi and achievements that reward you to repeatedly slash Jar Jar Binks into pieces, this is a great game for young and old. Old people, like me, will mostly have fun with the reliving of the memorable movies, but then made with cute blocks, while the younger gamer will certainly appreciate the fun and lightfeeted platform-, puzzle- and combat sections. Excellent news for daddies and mommies is therefore extensive and quite unique co-op possibilities to finish the game together, helping each other to solve problems. If you want to do the same with a friend through internet or Xbox Live, then this also is no longer a dream.

The Complete Saga is a very extensive game so let’s take a look at the most fun aspects. During play you can easily switch between one of the 120 unlockable characters that contains truly all known and lesser known people from the movies. The switching is necessary as you’ll often have to solve puzzles by making use of the different powers of the characters. One will be able to use The Force, while someone else can jump higher. Simple but a lot of fun.

Also fun is that really everything is built out of blocks, and that you’ll have to start building yourself to make vehicles or get rid of obstacles. The replayability is enormous thanks to the many unlockables (pieces of film, cheats, characters, etc) and achievements on one side, and on the other side because certain parts of the levels are only accessible for certain classes (like Droids, Dark Jedis or Storm Troopers). Lego blocks have never been this addictive!

Those that have previously bought LEGO Star Wars will jump a bit less high in the air. Next to the above mentioned possibilities you get a couple of extra scenes, some minor tweaks, and of course better graphics. Some nice effects give the game a polished feel and the sharper textures will also appeal to people with a Hi-Def TV. And since this is a Star Wars game, I can only praise the soundtrack… what did you think?

The many online- and co-op possibilities, the improved graphics, the replayability and the fact that you get two games for the price of one make LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga a good suggestion. The game will never offer more than lightweight platform- and puzzle action, finished with a good dose of humour and nostalgia, but does this so charming that any gamer, young and old, will have fun. Those that have a previous copy will have to decide for themselves whether the next-gen extras are worth the additional cost.

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