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Let's go to Prison

John Lyshitski has been in jail for most of his life and blames judge Biederman III for this. After his last sentence has finished, he’s cooked up a plan to get even but when he gets out, his nemesis has died already. However, he quickly finds out that Biederman had a son, Nelson Biederman IV, and decides to get even by making sure the judge’s son goes to jail. His plan succeeds and together with Biederman he goes back to prison where he’ll make sure Nelson will have the full prison experience!

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent as you would expect from a recent release. Compression errors are absent as well as edge enhancement, and overall there’s plenty of detail present and good contrast.

The movie is dialogue driven and doesn’t have too many special effects and for that the soundtrack is pretty good. Dialogues are crystal clear and the surround speakers and subwoofer offer some support for the music.


The movie start off pretty well with some good criticism on the US prison system but then things go downhill very rapidly once all the lead characters meet up in prison. The jokes are pretty standard and at no time will you see anything original or even slightly funny. Let’s go to Prison is supposed to be a comedy, but I really wonder what there was to laugh with. Universal delivers this dvd with decent image and sound quality but the biggest positive point is that there aren’t any extras to be checked out as that would have probably only made this review even more negative. All in all I don’t see any reason why someone would want to check this one out.

Our Score:

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