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License to Wed

Sadie and Ben are very much in love with each other so on the wedding anniversary of her parents, Ben asks Sadie to marry him. Of course she says yes and the day after they go to St. Augustine’s Church where Sadie wants the wedding to happen. At the church, they meet reverend Frank who’s set up an entire course people have to follow in order for him to marry them so before Ben knows it, he’s following strict guidelines of “no sex” and is being stalked by the reverend…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is what you would expect from a recent release. We didn’t spot any compression errors, colors are bright, detail is decent and overall the image looks pretty sharp.

The sound doesn’t do much to the overall feature. This is a standard comedy with little special effects and as such most sound is concentrated on dialogues and some background stuff. Decent but nothing more.

– Deleted Scenes with optional audio commentary
– Ask the Choir Boy

Both extras are stupid, no need to say more.

Lately we’ve been thinking that Robin Williams had finally come round to making good movies again and then we get this. License to Wed is a standard comedy and that’s just about all there is to say about it. Except that it’s hardly funny. Boy meets girl and wants to get married. Girl has psycho reverend but still wants to follow his advice. Things go terribly wrong in a not so funny way. Things turn out alright at the last minute. Zero originality and nobody in this movie does anything to uplift it to a higher level.

Our Score:

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