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Life of David Gale, The

Professor David Gale (Spacey) was one of Texas’ biggest critics when it came to the death penalty until he got arrested and convicted to death row for a lust murder. In all the years after his sentence, he never wanted to talk to anyone from the press, but now, a couple of days before his execution, he agrees to have three interviews done with female reporter Bitsey Bloom (Winslet) for the price of half a million dollars. Bloom believes she will be interviewing a madman who completely flipped and killed a woman but instead she gets to talk with a very educated man who talks about the things that happened before the gruesome deed and to make things even more interesting, it becomes clear that Gale will be innocent when he gets executed. Several pieces of evidence clearly tell that Gale could not have killed his ex-colleague Constance Harraway (Linney) and Bitsey is now convinced that she will be the only chance of David Gale to escape a sure death. But with only a couple of days left before the execution, will she have the time to find enough evidence that can free Gale?

Sound and Vision:
With loads of grain and aliasing, you can hardly say the image quality is good. The colors are pale but probably on purpose so we can’t really say anything against that. The level of detail and shadow depth are luckily pretty good.

The movie isn’t action packed so don’t expect too many special effects, but still the surround channels get enough feed to create a good amount of tention while dialogues are clear and understandable and coming from the center speaker.

We start off the extras with an audio commentary track by Alan Parker after which we can check out some deleted scenes. The Making of David Gale is a rather commercial feature where the actors get to spill their enjoyment on working with each other (boooring!) but the next documentary called “The Music of David Gale” is rather interesting as it shows the working together of Parker with his two sons. The most interesting feature, however, is “Death in Texas” which gives a good view on the life of those who’ve been sentenced to death and how the community in Texas deals with death row being located in their state. Too bad it’s a little short though… Furthermore we get some artwork, trailers and some dvd-rom weblinks and a work from Parker against the death penalty.

The Life of David Gale starts off as “one of the many” death row movies but Parker does manage to give the story an extra dimension that keeps you interested. Spacey is good as ever but personally I found Kate Winslet to be a bit out of her league for this movie. The extras are reasonably good although not extraordinary except for the death row documentary which sadly enough is too short. All in all a good overall dvd that should have gotten a better image quality

Our Score:

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