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Life or Something Like It

Lanie is the rising star of the local TV station. She’s very ambitious and her whole life has been in the sign of getting famous. She’s working hard on her career, is about to get married with a famous baseball player, works out every day and makes sure she hardly eats anything than vegetables to make sure she won’t get an extra pound of weight.

One day she has to do an interview with self-proclaimed prophet Jack who tells her she’ll die by next week tomorrow. Of course she doesn’t believe what he said immediately, but when several other of his predictions become true, she gets convinced she only has a couple of days left to live and that changes her way of doing things drastically.

Sound and Vision:
There are a couple of compression artefacts present but not too disturbing. For the rest we get bright colors, nice detail, good depth of black and no edge enhancement.

The soundtrack is very subtle in using the surround speakers and only at certain moments you’ll hear some stuff (mostly atmosphere sounds like birds in a park) coming from the back. The subwoofer hardly has anything to do, but with a romantic comedy that’s no surprise.

Theatrical trailer

Life or Something Like It portrayes itself as a hilarious comedy about a woman who gets to hear she’s got only a couple of days left to live and changes her whole way of doing things, but it’s rather a subtle romantic comedy which is boring as hell in the beginning and gets going pretty well after about half of the movie. Definitely something to watch with the girlfriend or wife. Not something “men” will be interested in.

Our Score:

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