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Eddie Morra is a not so succesful writer who’s been trying to get his act together, but without much success. One day he bumps into an old friend who introduces him to NZT; a designer drug that’s supposed to make him use almost all of his brain capacity. Little after having taken the pill, Eddie finds himself on a rollercoaster, more focused and self-confident than he’s ever been, doing things he never thought he could do. Once the drug wears off, Eddie goes back to his friend’s house but finds him dead. Luckily the murderers didn’t find the stash with pills and before the cops arrive, Eddie manages to hide them for personal use.

From that moment on Eddie starts using NZT on regular basis and uses the power of his unrestrained mind for his own personal benefit. For a while things are going great and Eddie is even rising to the top of the financial world where he catches the attention of business mogul Carl Van Loon who sees in Eddie the perfect tool to make tons of money. However, when Eddie starts losing track of time and gets the feeling he’s not the only one aware of the existence of NZT, things start to turn for the worse. NZT has some nasty side effects…

Sound and Vision:
Limitless has an image quality that perfectly resembles the maker’s view. Things look very stylized based on the protagonist’s state of mind which works very well. At times there’s an air brushed look or some fine detail is missing, but this is all intentional and technically there really isn’t anything wrong with it. Good stuff.

Just like the image, the sound does a terrific job in supporting what’s going on on the screen. Dialogues are at all times crystal clear, directionality is perfect and the viewer really gets put at the center of the action.

– Director audio commentary track
– Alternate Ending
– Taking it to the Limit: The Making of Limitless
– A Man without Limits

Limitless is a basic thriller that gets uplifted thanks to some decent performances from the cast. The movie’s script isn’t really something to remember, but the story and acting are satisfying enough to make for an entertaining viewing experience.

The image and sound are without a doubt some of the real winners here, with excellent presentation, and the few extras may not be overwhelming, but they do add a little extra.

Overall definitely one to give a go as a rental.

Our Score:

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