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Lionhead Studios Community Director

1. First things first Sam, the people who have been following the BWBoards for some time now are probably wondering just who you are and what your (gaming)background is. Why not introduce yourself ?

Well, my name is Sam, and I recently started at Lionhead Studios as a Community Director (or ‘Pet’, like we say in the office). I previously worked for a Belgian company called Infolder. Our business lay primarily in the area of Consulting (in regard to the Benelux games industry), the publishing of different gaming websites and public relations. I also worked on different gaming conventions and events, including Futuris Powerplay.

At school I learned all about movie arts and stuff, but nothing really interesting compared to the other things I was doing while I was studying like running gamingsites and meeting a lot of interesting people from the industry.

2. As a relatively new addition to Lionhead Studios, could you tell us what made you decide to work there and how the rest of the gang has been treating you these first few weeks.

Peter Molyneux offered me a job initially, but it took me some days to decide if I would or wouldn’t accept. After all, leaving your family, friends and everything behind and starting from scratch in a new country with new people is a bit strange. I agreed eventually and 3 weeks later I started! The people are just amazing and positive, I like spending time with the whole gang and just getting to know people.

3. Well now that you have been there for a month, could you try to describe a typical day at work for you, the community director. Give us a little run through.

Wake up, get out of bed, drink massive amounts of coffee and smoke one or two cigarettes. After that’s it’s email, bulletin boards, irc, meetings, design meeting, interviews, more email etc….

At the moment I am also working on a new web project for Lionhead Studios, which requires documents, tools and content to be worked on. It’s getting along pretty well really, and this whole internet project will be huge!

4. Sweet, community spirit is what initially started Fragland.

So as the official Community Director, what do you regard as your primary functions at Lionhead Studios? Do you have some sort of a ‘Master-Strategy-Plan’ ?
I don’t have a very big ‘Master-Strategy-Plan’ no, but I do reckon there are plans going around in the office and we are talking to different parties about this project to get it up and running. The whole project will cover Lionhead, the satellites and all the games, including the life and people at Lionhead and of course other unseen features!

5. So Lionhead Studios is in a way opening up its doors toward the gaming community. Are there any concrete next steps lined up that you are able to talk to us about ?

We just finished talks with Logitech USA about a webcam project which we’ll be running in the very near future.
This means we are having webcams all around our offices, in meeting rooms and on certain hot spots. The webcams will transmit both pictures and streaming video.

Apart from that, as I said earlier on, we will also be having our webproject, several developer chats and much, much more! I’d suggest for those that are interested to check out the different boards as they are our way to get into contact with the whole community.

6. And what are Lionheads objectives or goals with this project ? What are guys trying to achieve ?

We are going to try to take care of the people who are interested in our games, and also try to offer everyone lots of extra features and content that they will not be able to find anywhere else. Without getting into too much detail, I would like to say that everyone with an interest for games will be having a lot of fun on this site.

7. Well, Lionhead is working on some major titles for the next two years. Do you expect the Lionhead community to grow extensively and if so, how are you going to manage it ?

Yes, I do think that in one year from now the community for Lionhead Studios will be astonishing huge, but that depends of course on how the games will be doing as well. We have different options to consider, such as getting more people involved in running and supporting the actual community. Another is the search for other (innovative) ways to please the community itself. But at the moment it’s way too early to comment on that aspect.

8. Moving on, you recently had a succesful irc chat session on B&W 2 with gamers from the whole world; is Lionhead Studios going to continue on that path ?

Yes, absolutely! Next Thursday we will be having a developer chat with the team working on Fable (the Lead Developers of Fable also worked on Dungeon Keeper).

We do hope to have developer chats on a regular base in the future with the different teams working on all the games.

9. Lionhead Studios is of course Peter Molyneux’ baby, could you tell us how big his role is in everyday life at the Studio’s ? How big is his part in the whole gamecreating process ?

Well, he is the Managing Director of Lionhead Studios so his role in the company is very big. Apart from that he is also really into the design of every single game that is currently in development. Time and time again he turns up with these new and brilliant suggestions. Sometimes though, (read: most of the time) he drives producers completely banana’s with that…

Thanks for the interview Sam ! And we’re looking forward to the Community Project.

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