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Little Man

Little man Calvin Simms has only been released from jail for a couple of hours when he and his brother Percy are hired by mob boss Walken to steal the famous Queen Diamond. Stealing it isn’t that much of a problem but when their plan to get out fails they try to get away from the cops on foot. Things heat up in a nearby supermarket and Calvin decides to hide the diamond in the handbag of Vanessa Edwards. Unfortunately, the cops do a quick search and leave pretty soon after which makes Calvin regret his last action. To get the diamond back, Calvin decides to impersonate a baby that gets left at the Edwards family…

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors and grain visible but these are kept to a minimum. For the rest the image quality is pretty decent with good contrast, bright and natural colors, solid level of black and decent shadow detail.

The sound is mostly dialogue-driven and sounds pretty decent with clear dialogues coming from the center speaker. The surround channels are used a lot for ambiance and environment sounds as well as music but in a subtle way.

– Big Comedy: The Making of Little Man: promo feature with the usual interview fragments and footage from the movie and behind the scenes. As in good Hollywood tradition everyone’s again saying how great it was to work with everyone
– From The Ground Up: The Visual Effects of Little Man: short feature on the visual effects in quite a similar style as the Making Of
– Linden’s World: ten minute feature on Linden Porco who plays the body of Calvin’s character
– Method Or Madness: short funny movie
– Deleted Scenes
– Audio Commentary by Shawn, Keenan and Marlon Wayans
– Trailers

If you like very simple comedy with jokes that are half-baked at the best and performed better in tons of other movies, you might enjoy Little Man. I for one found it a pretty uninspiring movie that doesn’t do justice to the central idea (which is pretty decent as such). Sony delivers Little Man with decent image and sound quality and a couple of the usual extras. I would strongly suggest renting it first if you want to check it out

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