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Lizzie McGuire Movie, The

Lizzie and her best friend David “Gordo” Gordon go on a trip to Rome, Italy, together with school after they graduated from middle school. Once there, Lizzie meets a very handsome Italian boy, Paolo, who appears to be a very well-known singer and if that isn’t enough, she looks exactly like Paolo’s girlfriend Isabella who also is extremely popular in Italy. Lizzie rather wants to go out with Paolo than to follow the guided tours from school so she pretends to be ill and then sneaks out of bed to meet up with Paolo. But what she doesn’t know is that Paolo has some terrible plan in mind with her…

Sound and Vision:
The Lizzie McGuire Movie looks bright and clear. Color reproduction is solid and contrast is good aswell. Edge enhancement is slightly present but doesn’t really irritate.

Dialogues are very clear and nicely balanced with the pop score and effects. The rear speakers are used in a subtle manner but are very good supporting the music score while also effects are put to good use

The Lizzie McGuire casting session is some type of game where you can check out with which character from the movie you have resemblances. Hillary’s Roman Adventure is a featurette where you follow Hillary Duff around several places in Rome and get some behind the scenes footage. Roamin’ Volare is a montage of Paolo and her’s motorcycle tour of Rome while next up there’s some deleted scenes to check out with optional introduction from director Jim Fall. Hillary Duff’s music video “Why Not” is presented aswell and we end off with “In the Recording Studio With Hillary” which has the star herself talking about her newest album and just how great it is.

Lizzie McGuire may be extremely popular in the US or anywhere else as a series, but as a movie it’s utter crap. The storyline is as stupid and predictable as it can get, the jokes have been used in about 1 million other movies and there’s absolutely nothing original or inspired about this film. Even the whole idea of Lizzie being the “ugly duckling” and unpopular girl of the class is plain ridiculous as she’s very beautiful and this makes the whole movie even more unrealistic. Technically everything is A-OK and the extras are decent but that isn’t enough reason to buy this piece of junk as you buy a dvd for the movie and this one here just sucks.

Our Score:

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