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Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels SE

Four friends have joined up and put together their money to be able to play in a cardgame held by the local mob boss. They’re convinced they’ll make a buttload of money but there’s one thing they didn’t think about: the mobster cheats and they loose everything they have and even get their heads in debt tremendously. With one week to pay back everything they owe, they start thinking of things to get the money together when suddenly they overhear their neighbours are planning to rob a drug lab. They set up a plan to rob the thieves when they get back from the lab and although at the beginning everything seems to be going perfect, things get out of hand really hard, really quick.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality has been improved over the original DVD release which results in less grain.

The sound is focused towards the front channels with a little bit of support from the subwoofer

– 5 features that cover all aspects of the production going from the start of the project, the shooting, post-production and montage as well as the promotion that was made. The features include footage from the set, fragments of the movie and interviews with cast & crew.
– Trailer
– Posters
– TV Spots
– Virtual map of London
– Poker game

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels is the movie that brought Guy Ritchie fame and fortune. It was made on a very small budget but it did manage to score big at the box office and with reason. A good cast, decent storyline and Vinnie Jones in the role that got him access to bigger productions. Universal has cleaned up the image a bit and added some very nice extras. The only thing that’s a bit too bad is the lack of a DTS track. But hell, that’s no reason to let this dvd go by!

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