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LocoRoco 2

When it was first released, LocoRoco got noticed by its originality and although it looked childlishly simply you did get to have a lot of fun with it. Locoroco 2 of course continues on the same principle as its predecessor. Roll those balls!

LocoRoco 2 is still as simply set up as the first game: the controls exist out of only three buttons and just like the controls the goal is simple: collect planes and eat flowers to grow bigger. Not that this sounds like something you really want to have played but appearances can be misleading.

Bad guy Bonmucho sends a horrible song about your planet but the storyline isn’t quite as important as you might think despite it being pleasant to follow.

What makes the game special is the gameplay. It’s as simple as it is fun. You don’t have to do a lot in a level but you will get a feeling of joy nonetheless when finishing one. If you didn’t manage to find all MuiMuis, your friends, you’ll quickly have the urge to replay that level and as you also get to search for certain objects in hidden places you’ll easily be pursuaded to play the entire game again. Unfortunately these hidden places are easily found and the levels a bit too easy so that it won’t take much effort in finishing the game in one time without having to restart.

All levels look colorful, have their own atmosphere and are quite varied. Although the graphics aren’t cutting edge the simplicity again makes them shine, just as it does with the entire game. Each level lasts for about ten minutes and this makes Locoroco 2 a perfect game to play for a short while. The mini-games that can be unlocked are less fun and luckily also not so important. Next to the new levels and storyline Locoroco 2 allows you to swim and also some additional songs were added. The music often sounds weird but strangely enough the songs tend to stick in your head and after a while you’ll be humming along without knowing it.

LocoRoco 2 is certainly a game we would suggest for the PSP. Yes, there could have been some more variation and challenge present but its simplicity makes this game very relaxing. The music and colors can only make you happy and also the Locorocos and MuiMuis will make you smile.

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